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They called me webmaster NSK.

That may sounds a little braggy, but I love the title. It makes me feel useful. Other than that, there isn’t anything for me to feel particularly proud of with my life.

But there was another reason to it. I have to move some folders from the root to here because nsk.sg is being used as a url shortener. To avoid the confusion, I have to keep the root clean. No content other than the support files.

Not so much about what I can do, but rather a selection of keywords for a little experiment. We shall continue to monitor and see how it works out.

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Fixing a Contact Me form

Spend a few hours fixing the (DagonDesign) contact me form. Checked through the mail configuration, MX record inside Webuzo, but no avail.

Downloaded another form at ReusableForms to see if this work, and it does. All done in 5 minutes

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Moving domain websdiy to subdomain webmaster

After moving everything from Websdiy.com to a subdomain here, I realized I have to make another move. As I am selling the domain after completing the 301 redirection, I thought it might not be proper to retain the name if I were selling the domain.

Selling the domain was not part of the plan. But if I were to sell it, then cut it clean. Otherwise the buyer may not be pleased.

So, another migration in the pipeline.

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Migration to a VPS hosting in progress. It's really tough, and the going slow. But I gotta make it work!

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