Setting Up A VPS Hosting With Webuzo

This is my first time trying out the a VPS hosting.

I have had a few years of experience running a few sites for myself and for others, but all under shared hosting.

As I am recommending this to all those who are considering making a switch from shared hosting to a VPS, I'll will stay with this bundle throughout without ungrading.

It won't be right and ethical to secretly upgrade to 1gb or 2gb while telling you, "Dont' worry, 512mb ram is enough to run everything I need."

That means I will be running all my sites under this host to test if signing up with the basic and minimun package is sufficient to run a website and or all of my sites in thie hosting.


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And, should I upgrade to have something I've installed running, I'll say so. Otherwise, I'll stay with the Entry package throughout this report.

At this stage, my only concern is the ram. And, if ram is not an issue, then how to get the best out of this madness - an unmanaged hosting without cPanel.

cPanel alternative - Webuzo

Life is completely different without the familiar cPanel.

I ordered the unmanaged package with Debian with ISPconfig. However the confusion over the login username and password have got me blacklisted by the SolusVM.

The creation of subdomain caused the ISPconfig to crash. I did a reinstall. Though I'd love to try out ISPconfig again as it is OpenSource, but at the same time, I'd like to explore other bundle. So I made a switch to Centos with Webuzo.

The A2 client area would still reflects the original package I've signed up for even though I made the switch.

Fun with Webuzo

I'll have the full use of the premium set for a month. Thereafter some of the software will be remove once it's conveted to a free member's package kicked in.


Update 26Oct 2019

Apparently, the rest of the software were not removed after a month, that means all these features will remain thoughout the one year period. That's really an unannounced bonus!

Do you need create subdomains?

It took me a long time to get it right.

And just when I thought that was the correct method, it didn't worked the next time. Also what works in NameCheap does not work with another domain registrar.

If it wasn't because of domains redirecting, I'd have given up creating subdomains altogether. It was not worth the time and effort. At times, after 3 days of trying and corrections, it still comes out with nothing. But then, the achievement of getting it right is really satisfying. / vps / YouAreHere

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