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The login pages you have to remember:

A2 Host Client Area:
A2 Hosting Login Page
See my comments below.
I am using FileZilla.
Logon Type:normal
Password - your login password
Webuzo root:
email accounts

Solus Virtual Machine

Take note of this account. Do not repeat my mistakes.

Observe closely at the SolusVM username

Look at the SolusVM username. It's vpmuser with a few digits. You don't have to second-guess if it's Admin or Root or your other usual username. The name is given at 3rd tab (Additional Information) of the Admin area.

I kept trying with other names until I was blacklisted, and can never log in again.

I discovered that I was blocked by my ip address, because I was able to log in with my mobile on data but not on my home's wifi.

The a2 support was unable to help on this. They told me that my account was not blacklisted by their system. So it was recorded in my history or cache. I tried deleting everything but I was never able to log in again till this date.

Opera to the rescue

I tried with FireFox. IE, Chrome, none worked. But I was able to log in using the Opera browser. You know why? Opera runs on VPN. When the ISPconfig crashed. I logged in with Opera to reinstall everything changing Debian with ISPconfig to Centos with Webuzo.

The password? I cannot remember. But I was given a new set of password via email.

https:// WebMaster . NSK.sg / vps / YouAreHere

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